Kuya’s Sandwiches + Kitchen

House Sandwiches

Rueben Who? $9.50

Green Mountain Smoke House turkey breast, sauerkraut, house Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, Manghis’ Bakery rye bread.

The Swede $11

Roasted chicken bathed in house yellow curry sauce, red onions, banana, fresh cilantro, and Grafton Village maple smoked cheddar on a warm baguette.

Filipino Banh Mi $11

Pork belly in Filipino pineapple BBQ marinade, flat-grilled with house pickled carrot and radishes, sriracha aioli, and fresh cilantro on a warm baguette.

Gimme Some Veggies $10

Marinated roasted eggplant, fresh cucumber, tomato, and carrots, house caper almond pesto, Vermont Creamery goat cheese on rustic ciabatta. Served hot or cold.

I’m Walkin’ Here! $11

Italian style cold cut with prosciutto, soppressatta, pepperoni, house green olive tapenade, provolone cheese, tomato, shredded romaine on a rustic ciabatta.

French Dip $11

Thin sliced roast beef soaked in hot au jus, horseradish mascarpone, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, served on a warm baguette with a side au jus.


Kale $10

Curly kale, applewood smoked bacon, sweet grape tomatoes, smoked cheddar, avocado, seven-minute egg, house green goddess dressing and baguette croutons.

Can’t Beet It $9

House roasted red and golden beets, mixed greens, tossed with EVOO and red wine vinegar, topped with shallots, candied walnuts, fresh chopped mint, and a whipped feta drizzle.

Garden Salad $7.50

Seasonal mixed greens, baby tomatoes, sliced red onion, carrots, cucumber, digon vinaigrette. Add turkey, roast beef for $4; add bacon for $2.50.

Rice Bowls

Korean Beef Bulgogi $12

Thin-sliced beef, marinated in tamari soy, toasted sesame, ginger, and spanish onion, served over a bed of steamed white rice with roasted broccoli.


Tomato and Cucumber Salad $4

Fresh cut tomatoes and cucumbers, red onion, black sesame seeds, avovado, toasted sesame oil, tangy vinegar dressing.

Filipino Macaroni Salad $4.50

Elbow macaroni, dieced carrots, pineapple, cheddar cheese, raisins, hard-boiled egg, onion, mayonnaise.

Steamed White Rice $1.50

Side Salad $4

Seasonal mixed greens, sweet grape tomatoes, carrots, dressed with oil and red wine vinegar.

Soup and Specials

Please ask for current soup and specials selections.

Diabetic Friendly Homemade Granola Bowl $9

Gluten free. Greek yogurt, roasted nuts, chia seeds, toasted coconut, cacao nibs, fresh fruits, orange zest.

Diabetic Friendly Sylvanas $3.75

Philippine cashew and meringue cookie with buttercream. Served cold.



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