About VtMenus

VtMenus.com started as a community service project of The Herald of Randolph, a 145-year-old weekly newspaper covering the communities of the White River Valley.

We like to eat and we have a hard time keeping track of take-out menus, so VtMenus was born.

Vermont Computing, just across the street, gave us the inspiration. They had, at one time, hosted a website that featured scanned copies of the town’s take-out menus. When they moved on to bigger things, we took the ball and ran with it.

VtMenus is now a searchable repository for what’s cooking throughout Vermont. Our eventual aim is to have every restaurant menu in the state available to browse.

If you own an eatery and want to see you menu here, send us a copy of the menu and we’ll get it up as soon as we can. If you want to see your restaurant featured here, we have some paid options to help you reach your audience. Get in touch with The Herald’s ad department and they can help.

There’s a wealth of great food all over the Green Mountain State, so figure out what you’re hungry for and happy eating!