Hen of the Wood

This restaurants menu changes on a daily basis depending on the season. Below is a sample menu. To get todays menu please contact the establishment directly.


Oysters $16

Little Pilgrim, MA, 1/2 dz. cocktail sauce, mignonette.

Parker House Rolls $5

Cultured butter.

Dry Cured Coppa $12

Arbequina olive oil.


Scallop Crudo $15

Salsify, lemon, crispy coppa, claytonia.

Beef Tartare $15

Charred leeks, crispy sunchokes, dijon, egg yolk.

Braised Ham $13

Grilled bread, whole grain mustard, olive oil.

Crispy Tabbit Loin $13

Maple-candied bacon, mustard, greens.

Calamari $13

Watercress, lentils, basil, breadcrumbs.

Roasted Celery Root $12

Buttermilk vinaigrette, empire apples.

Hen of the Woods Mushroom Toast $15

Grilled bread, house bacon poached egg.

Gen Lettuce $12

Candied pecans, bayley hazen blue, honey vinaigrette.


Hake $30

Carrot, roasted bok choy, watercress vinaigrette.

Fried Rabbit $26

Sunchoke, smoked creme fraiche, grilled radicchio.

Hanger Steak $35

Buttered sweet potato, grilled lacinato kale.

Wood-Fire Roasted Broccoli $22

Red beets, hazelnuts, toasted farro.

For Two

Braised Lamb $70

Feta, panisse frites, baby bok choy, hazelnuts.

Duck Breast $66

Roasted carrots, spinach, cranberries, polenta, maple.



Herb Spaetzle $7


Roasted Potatoes $7

Tarragon aioli.

Grilled Radicchio $7

Smoked creme fraiche.



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